SaferCHILD Carseat Monitors

Staying connected when they are not in your personal care

Receive live departure / arrival and safety notifications whenever the child is in their safety seat.

a.) FlexClip child seat monitor;
A CRS electronic chest harness clip that connects parent-child with live updates whenever the child is buckled within their safety seat.

b.) ElitePad child seat monitors;
Hypoallergenic natural antibacterial bamboo pad with 9 child presence sensors. The remote parent receives live updates whenever the child is placed in their safety seat.

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No matter who is driving you'll know that your child is safe.


Child vehicular hyperthermia is preventable.

Globally hundreds of child automotive related heatstroke deaths are the results of being forgotten in hot automobiles by distracted drivers.

Proactive Parenting
- Child proofing ones automobile with technology could go a long way towards the prevention these predictable occurrences.

Globally hundreds of children die annually from being left in a hot automobiles

While parked in the sun, an automobile's temperature could increase up to 10 degrees in only 5 minutes.

Even with an ambient temperature as low as 60F, interior temperature in a parked car can become deadly in less than an hour.

Due to their diminutive stature, a child's body ability to cool itself is 4-5 times less efficient than that of an adult.

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Help prevent child vehicular heatstroke